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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RJ Sunday Landscaping is disappointing us!

In case you have been following this project, it really stinks. We have now completed the 5th scheduled work day (only 3 of which they have worked) and I feel as though the project is no closer being done than day 1.

The place has become a real construction site: dirt pile at the curb, stones in the road, a pallet of pavers near the front curb, 2 in the lawn, a pile of spilled sand on the stone driveway, trampled lanscaping, and the list goes on and on. Did I mention the fact that the inside of the house is a mess too? The dirt and dust are traveling throughout the house (old house - good air circulation). Something better happen good today....

The pavers that they put down on Monday don't even run straight! We thought that this was a professional company that knew what the heck they were doing? Is this just a bunch of guys that really should just be mowing lawns? What are we paying for anyway? VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!


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