The Things I Get Into

This blog is about whatever I get into - Real Estate, construction projects - work or home, cars - generally old ones, outside, inside, cats, whatever I get into.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our latest project - Levitt Cape Cod Kitchen Wait until you see what this place is goning to look like when Schavis is done.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The other day I went to a salvage yard in Baltimore. They have a great selection of stuff. Alot of things that you have probably never seen. This is one of those items. I am sure that most people have seen a claw foot tub, but never a claw foot shower pan. Very interesting and I thought that I would share that with the world. Any questions, just let me know.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fluffy is another thing I have gotten into in the past few months. A cat showed up on our doorstep last Spring. We called her Moms, because she had some kittens outside. I don't know what happened to them, and I really don't want to dwell on that now. Well, this October or so, she again became mom and wanted food from us. I felt bad that she was feeding kittens and having to hunt for all food for the family. So I began feeding her behind my shop. Well it is now February.... She bangs on the back door usually 2 times a day. Bringing her 2 kittens Fluffy and Blacky. Today I got a good picture of Fluffy. Any one wanna give her a good home. We could probably trap her and have you come forth to get her. No life for a prettty cat like her outside.

Well, those who know me, realize that if I am interested in something, I will explore it or try it. Tuesday was no exception - I went to a real estate auction in Baltimore with cashiers check for the deposit in hand. INTERESTING! This was the second of this type of auction I attended. It was for a semi-detatched row house in Druid Hill section of Baltimore. The location was about 2 blocks off a nicer section of town. The neighboring houses were for the most part board ups or burn outs. Next door were 6 vacant lots with litter, prescription bottles and other junk, but not too bad. The house was cool but needed alot of work. I did not buy it. The final selling price was over my limit. Oh well, just another thing I get into that I didn't. I am sure my wife is happy. Have a super day.